The Realty Classroom Episode 14: The Beginning Of A New Year

The Realty Classroom Episode 14: The Beginning Of A New Year

Start the new year with one thing in mind: Clarity


Key takeaways from this episode:

In This Episode, We’ll Cover: The Beginning Of A New Year

  • Focus on what went right and build on top of it for 2018
  • Make room for the manager in between the “visionary” and the “technician”
  • Set a clear revenue goal
  • Commit with all that you have to conversion and follow-up
  • Resist the urge to whine and complain in 2018


2018 has just begun and I want to share my thoughts on how to plan the new year correctly so that you may actually reach your goals.

The most important point: don’t start the year by making the mistake of focusing on what went wrong in 2017. I know it may be difficult, however, I can guarantee that all of us can find some things that definitely went right and you should start your plan for 2018 built upon your current strengths.

It’s also a great time of the year to revisit Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth” or “E-Myth Real Estate Brokerage”. As you build your plan for the future, you must understand that an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed is not a plan. It’s also clear most of us tend to focus only on the technical or sales work and we don’t bother to stop and ask ourselves: how does the whole business really work?  

When you stop to consider the mechanics of the business, you’re allowing for the“manager’s point of view.” This viewpoint is the critical middle ground between the “entrepreneur/visionary” and the “technician/salesperson.” It’s the missing link for correct planning and accountability throughout the year.

Setting a clear revenue goal this year is also a must. Rather than worrying about the micro details, just pick a number and write it down. It’s amazing how a clear, reasonable revenue goal, when written on a paper, can serve as your inner manager’s compass.

Another thing to focus on this year is your commitment to follow-up and conversion. You must build the self-discipline to follow up and clean your list of Prospects consistently and on at least a weekly basis.

Finally, resist the urge to whine and complain. Complaining is often the result of not having a clear plan and it’s up to you to follow a strategic plan that bullet-proofs you from getting lost throughout 2018.

To summarize the key point: “Focus on building a manager’s point of view and self-discipline to achieve your real estate goals in 2018”

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