The Realty Classroom Episode 15: Lean In When The Lead Bites

The Realty Classroom Episode 15: Lean In When The Lead Bites

To be successful in the real estate agent business, you have to learn to diffuse the negative emotional reactions of leads


Key takeaways from this episode:

In This Episode, We’ll Cover: Diffusing the Emotions of a Lead

  • Listen to their tone first and match it
  • Cut to the chase and tell them why you’re calling
  • Ask an open-ended question and let them vent
  • Lean in with confidence when the dog bites
  • Establish a clear outcome for follow up


Each week in The Realty Classroom, we conduct a live sales training session for our Mastermind Members and their teams. Although we incessantly practice inside sales role play, we recognize that agents experience a higher level of challenge when dealing with real leads and hearing their aggressive and sometimes negative reactions on the other end of the telephone line.

One of the things we picked up on was the “tone” of one caller and how it could tell us how to behave.  The seconds that it takes for a lead to say “hello” can offer a clue as to the mood you’re encountering.  It’s amazing how simply being a good listener can set you up for a greater chance at inside sales success. When you hear the one and match yours, you’re demonstrating an act of empathy which helps you navigate your opening script.

I also want to point out that you must have a clean 3 beat script down: who you are, why you’re calling, and what you’re offering. The simple point is that you have seconds to cut to the chase and tell them why you’re interrupting their life.

Finishing your opening with a relevant, provocative question will allow them to vent and give you clues as to how you might personalize your solution for them.  For example, in the context of an expired lead, it’s likely that they are agitated and frustrated and may feel the need to rough you up.

The key point is that when they start to vent or even attack you, you shouldn’t pull back, rather lean in a bit by being confident in the strategies that you’re offering to help them overcome. By doing so, you’ll at least achieve a clear outcome and determine whether or not there will be an opportunity for follow up.

To summarize the key point: “Learn to diffuse the negative emotions of a lead by leaning in to confidently express your plan to help them”

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