The Realty Classroom Episode 16: Conversational Real Estate

The Realty Classroom Episode 16: Conversational Real Estate

Conversational Real Estate starts with the inner confidence to say “I believe in what I have to offer”


Key takeaways from this episode:

In This Episode, We’ll Cover: Conversational Real Estate

  • Who You Are
  • Why You’re Interrupting
  • What You Know About Their Struggle
  • What You Can Give To Help
  • How To Demonstrate Your Expertise

Learning to speak conversational real estate is very important in the real estate agent business. On our weekly live sales training calls for our Mastermind Members in The Realty Classroom, we have highlighted the importance of the context of the inside sales call.

By focusing on a quick and simple introduction: “Hi I’m Danny Griffin from The Griffin Realty Group”  you’ll give the lead an orientation as to who you are and what your business is about, assuming the word real estate or some variation is included.

The next beat is to tell the lead why you’re calling them. There are many examples depending on their context. For example: “I noticed that you expired on the MLS” or “I noticed that you came into our website searching for properties.” 

At this point, they know who you are and what you know about them.

The next step is to discuss the struggle they’re facing, also referred to as agitating the pain, which they may or may not realize they’re suffering from. The reason for bringing the tension to the forefront is so that you’re able to more effectively offer your solution.

The final beat of our introduction is what we’ve done, sent or will do immediately to help them. While you might ask permission to do so first, we have found that it’s best practice to send helpful information regardless of their willingness to accept it; unless of course we discover that our help has no relevance. For example, a probate lead, the administrator of an estate, informs us that there is no real estate to sell.

It’s critical to emphasize that there is no need to be confrontational.

As you go through your conversations with leads, you will experience a lot of rejection simply because people as consumers are conditioned to quickly say “NO” because they’re agitated, frustrated or simply hate being sold. Also, the people at the other end of the telephone line don’t know you so they are naturally not willing to open up.

This is precisely where it’s critical to cross over from a more scripted introduction to a conversation and the best way to do so is by asking a question that allows them to vent about their frustration.

For example, when speaking to an expired lead, after telling them we sent our 7 Step Plan in the mail, we ask them, “why do you think it didn’t sell?”

Now, once they open up and enter the conversation, there will be many different emotionally charged  responses that won’t follow anybody’s script to the letter. Over time you’ll see a pattern in the types of objections you’ll have to overcome however, the key is to be ready to interject with a strong understanding of the market within which you’re working.

Practice by truly answering the question, “How’s the market?”

By simply studying the market statistics and trends that are readily available in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and discussing those meaningful specifics during your call, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a true professional and mastering conversational real estate.

To summarize the key point: “Learn To Speak Conversational Real Estate.”

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