The Realty Classroom Episode 04: Kicking The Perfection Can

The Realty Classroom Episode 04: Kicking The Perfection Can

In this fourth episode of The Realty Classroom, I want to talk about your desire to be perfectly prepared like you know all the answer to your clients’ questions.

Well, all I can say is this…..


You know, you’ll never gonna be perfectly prepared especially in an industry where it’s a constantly changing digital landscape.  Here’s my proposal: Stop beating yourself up. You’ll never be perfectly prepared but you can always be working on it.

We talked about our Unique Selling Proposition which is being resourceful in our previous episode. Now, listen to this episode on how you can kick the perfection can and how you can leverage resourceful guidance in your real estate business

Don’t try to sell properties. Rather, be a great guide like a Sherpa. Get that local knowledge and you’ll magnetize the sale thru guidance

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The KISS Principle
  • Be familiar like a Sherpa and be a local knowledge expert
  • The simplest solution is to offer your resourceful guidance


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