The Realty Classroom Episode 19: The Battle Between Self-Image & Your Goals

The Realty Classroom Episode 19: The Battle Between Self-Image & Your Goals

I want to help people get paid so they can first of all get what they need out of this business because there is always time to get what you want. So stop setting those goals so generally.


Key takeaways from this episode:

In This Episode, We’ll Cover: The Battle Between Self-Image & Your Goals

  • We Say We Want It
  • We Set Our Goal Too Generally
  • We Speak Negatively Through The Lens
  • Clean The Lens & Execute The Plan


When I’m coaching agents, I always ask them what do they need help with. When setting a goal, I noticed that people are stating overly round numbers. During a call, somebody said $400,000. Yes, it’s doable, but I want to know where the agent is at now and where did that number come from.

The thing is, I worry when people give me those targets because round numbers tend to be general statements. When you are setting a goal that’s too general, you’re not programming the subconscious mind to be very specific. It sounds sexy and interesting to put a very big number on the board and say “that’s my big, hairy, audacious goal!” but don’t just make up numbers for the sake of having one. So be very specific and do some little math. You can look at the average sales in the area, see what the average agent does, and set your goals from there. Be at least get beyond the average and shoot to become a top producer but be realistic about it.

Another thing that I noticed that a lot of people are setting goals in a negative lens. That lens, according to Dr. Maxwell Maltz of The New Psycho-Cybernetics is your self-image.  I ask a lot of new agents where they want to be and they were in a very enthusiastic. But, the next thing that comes out from them is negative talk. How would you ever get off if that’s your mindset?

That’s why we should clean our self-image lens and stick to the simple plan. I suggest you follow our plans here at The Realty Classroom: 7 Steps to Listing Success, 6 Steps to helping a buyer, and you’re well on your way.


To summarize the key point: “Clean Up Your Self-Image Lens & Stick To The Plan”


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