The Realty Classroom Episode 20: Taking 100% Responsibility

The Realty Classroom Episode 20: Taking 100% Responsibility

I never stopped taking 100% responsibility for what happens or doesn’t happen to me in my business.


Key takeaways from this episode:

In this Episode, We’ll Cover: Taking 100% Responsibility

  • Intellectual Insecurity
  • Defining The Best Opportunity
  • Knowing What To Say
  • Do It Because Nobody’s Coming For You


As a guy who started in this business with only 2000 business cards and a work ethic, it agitates me hearing people complain about what’s not working for them and share all of their excuses as to why they don’t have what they want.  Although I am empathetic I never stopped taking 100% responsibility for what happens or doesn’t happen to me in my business.

Let’s break down why people don’t take 100% responsibility beyond work ethic and how to get rid of it.

First, it oftentimes starts with intellectual insecurity. When we don’t have what we want in our real estate agency business and we have these expectations but don’t know what to do, all of a sudden we don’t know how smart we are.  We throw away our resourcefulness and panic when we’re under pressure or faced with something not going our way.  Stop blaming someone or something because of a setback. It is your job figure out how it works.

To get rid of intellectual insecurity, we should define the best opportunity.  For me, the best opportunity in the real estate agency business despite the trend of the digital age where people are all over social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, is still face to face conversation with someone who is thinking of buying or selling a real estate. The digital world is just a part of the grand scheme of things in this business but nothing beats being in a room with somebody and having a conversation. Do whatever you define as your best opportunity to have a conversation that leads them to a meeting.

Next is knowing what to say. It’s very clear to anyone in my Elite Mastermind that we follow simple plans.  For example, in our Buy Side Plan, it’s so simple – there are only 6 points. Be prepared, take 100% responsibility and state the obvious: educate them about how the buying or selling process works and why you can do the best job organizing it for them.  That’s it.

Lastly, you have to do all of these yourself because nobody’s coming for you. The market will never magically fill you with sales and high GCIs.  The reason why I’m here to help you by giving you free information is that in this business, you need a plan and you have to get out there.


To summarize the key point: “Take 100% Responsibility For Getting More Business”


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