The Realty Classroom Episode 22: How To Keep Your Business Flowing

The Realty Classroom Episode 22: How To Keep Your Business Flowing

You just don’t meet someone in an open house and all of a sudden something happens. You’ve got to earn that. So GIVE. GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS.


Any business owner’s anxiety is being able to keep their business flowing. In the real estate agency business, we may have great deals in the pipeline but there’s always something in the back of our minds – where will the next deals come from?

First, you have to market yourself to your sphere of influence. A lot of coaches will tell you that you have to out and tell all your friends and family members that you are now a realtor or a real estate agent. In that case, that’s great! but, you also don’t want to be the agitating folk who shoves it to your friends and relatives.

However, it is not enough to market yourself to your friends and family.  If you want to get the business sustainable over time, you need to do business with people you don’t know as well.  It’s not as easy as marketing your self to your sphere of influence, so you have to be strategic. You have to define your market niche – who they are and where are they? Narrow down the marketplace.

After defining your market niche, you may ask what will make you unique in the market that you’re trying to target? You have a strategic plan. Get to our Free Sales Training Call every Friday at 1:00 PM EDT and hear me going thru the 7-Step Plan for Sellers and 6-Point Plan for Buyers.

Then based on what you can afford to do, choose what medium can you deliver your message. You may do social media, door to door, whatever you may think applicable! Be extremely frugal and strategic at the same time – it’s about being resourceful! One great opportunity to create conversation is by doing an open house. In today’s digital age, you might be surprised but a lot of buyers are still running around on their own looking at properties to figure out what they like. If you’re the one that’s there to introduce them to the property, then that’s great. However, you can also pitch your plan in case the property doesn’t fit their liking.

The last point is to build a follow-up plan to convert all of your leads. You can give them the feed from MLS or if it’s a seller, give them a list of properties relevant to them. It’s a very powerful concierge-style approach that constantly gives information to your leads.

To summarize the key point: “Conversations with people that you know and don’t know will give you a steady flow”

Key takeaways from this episode:

In this Episode, We’ll Cover: How To Keep Your Business Flowing

  • Find business from people that you know and don’t know
  • Market to your sphere first then go out and market to people you don’t know
  • What medium to deliver your message
  • Have a follow-up plan


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