The Realty Classroom Episode 24: Who Is Willie Miranda

The Realty Classroom Episode 24: Who Is Willie Miranda

His story symbolizes hope. Anybody who feels like they are starting from the bottom, or they’re falling to the bottom, restarting, whatever it is, I’m about to tell you the story of rising from the ashes. Anybody can do this.

I was invited last week to speak at Miranda Real Estate Group in Albany, New York. The owner Willie Miranda is a great friend of mine.  We met a long time ago when we were young and trying to become top producers in the marketplace. We even have the same mentor and he actually encouraged me to learn the systematic approach to this business.

One of the reasons why I want to share you his story is because he started from the bottom – literally. They are immigrants from Puerto Rico to New York in the Bronx area and came from nothing. I can still remember the story where they used to sleep on the floor. Another story that I remember was when he and his assistant were cleaning his office and there was a little heater that was about to be thrown away. He told his assistant not to throw it away because that heater was the one that kept him warm from the begging when he has nothing.

Another thing that connected us is we’re both open-minded to how the real estate agency business works. Willie always looks at all the coaching materials available and he never traps himself into a belief system where that is the only way to success. That’s why he never misses when it comes to recent trends in the business because he is always willing to embrace new ideas and try different things.

Another fascinating trait of Willie is his culture of sharing. During my talk at Albany, Willie not only invited his people but also even opened the door to other agents in the marketplace – even the competitors. Think about his willingness to give away his best resources in a true sharing and caring manner. This culture helped his business from the bottom to rise up now with 87 agents in various locations earning millions.

Willie did not stop his culture of sharing. In fact, he even took it further by writing a book called “How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked In The Real Estate Business”. 


To summarize the key point: “Be Open Minded And Always Be Sharing Like Willie Miranda”

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • You Can Start From The Bottom
  • Open-Minded To How The Business Works
  • Culture Of Sharing With His Entire Marketplace
  • “How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked In The Real Estate Business”

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