The Realty Classroom Episode 31: Why Checklists Are Everything

The Realty Classroom Episode 31: Why Checklists Are Everything

“You Must Begin To Build And Manage Checklists For Every Stage Of A Sale”



The real estate business is extremely complicated! This complexity is why the average agent only sells about three sites in an entire year. When it comes to documenting, you need to lay out all of the manual steps, from going out and finding someone, then listing their property for sale and so on. As we tell our Realty Classroom students all the time, you can’t just do this on muscle — you must sit down and document every single thing that you do in a transaction. Document it on checklists: What happens from the very minute you meet someone until the minute they become a “past client.” Rookies: Shadow someone and take copious notes!


There are three types of personality in everyone’s mindset: The Managerial, which does the separating; the Visual, which is the entrepreneur; and the Technical, which is the person actually doing the work of manufacturing the real estate sales. The Visual personality gets it – they see the vision of a successful business – and then they get excited and let the Technical take over and start going through the steps. Don’t neglect the Manager, which is a mistake most of us make! Let the Manager separate all of the tasks out first.


As you separate your tasks out, you’ll want them to go into the appropriate modules. For example, all of your marketing stems from word of mouth, to friends and family, and so on, belong in a Marketing Module or checklist. Let your Manager personality apply structure to your modules to maximize success. As you organize your micro-steps from the Documenting phase, put on your managerial hat to assign everything to its appropriate place. Once you go through this process, you’ll be able to ask – every time – which module or checklist goes with this lead, prospect or client? The goal is to be able to shepherd someone through the modules from the point where you don’t know them (marketing) all the way through until they’re in your past client community.


When you look at all of the work that has been done, guess what happens next? The modules and checklists will work to leverage you so can expand and grow. Selling more will tax your time management, which means you’re going to need someone else to help you step up. We now live in the land of independent contractors — use them! With a modulated, managed system, you can delegate tasks like marketing to your trusted network of contractors.


Key takeaways from this episode:

In this episode, We’ll Cover: Why Checklists Are Everything

  • Documenting – Laying Out The Manual Steps
  • Separating – Managerial vs Visual & Technical
  • Modulating – Creating Work Flow For Modules
  • Delegating – Plugging In Independent Contractors

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