The Realty Classroom Episode 40: Why Building A Funnel Helps You Focus?

The Realty Classroom Episode 40: Why Building A Funnel Helps You Focus?

“Map Out A Funnel That Focuses On The Fastest Path To Building Relationships With People That You Know & Those That You Don’t”



If you could have Henry Ford in your mastermind group and you could ask him how to build your business, he’d probably recommend an assembly line. There are three assembly lines in the real estate business. Sellers are the first and most important assembly line, because they control the inventory in this business. Buyers and agents are the other two. (Hint: Your “assembly line” is really a marketing module.)


Once you get used to sharing your information products (“7 Steps to Selling Your Home” or whatever your product is) with your current audiences — people you know — you can start thinking about where to obtain new prospects. Not just referrals, but NEW new prospects. What would go after the most prospects with the least amount of resources available? Most would agree that getting on the phone and calling folks, or to put it another way, the most immediate direct contact method. The answer is not to jump on the internet first. Speed to their face! Get to them as fast as possible as you build your funnel system.


Reduce the number of dispositions that you’re dealing with in order to hone your funnel. Don’t try to be a master of everything. Just do a couple of things and do them well. You know there is business there, so choose the most direct contact method for one or two dispositions. The shotgun approach or “jack of all trades” approach — whatever you want to call it — will only reduce the effectiveness of your real estate funnel.


Door knocking and open houses should be your first methods of getting directly to customers. If you bristle at the thought of that, go to the next shortest method which can allow you to contact a lot more people in a short amount of time: Call people! Tell them you have some information to share — for free — if they decide to buy or sell. Teach them the steps to buying or selling to round out your funnel.

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