The Realty Classroom Episode 43: How To Market Correctly

The Realty Classroom Episode 43: How To Market Correctly

“Select a target market community that has at least a sale per day and give away your plan to smart, targeted lists.”



If you run an intentional real estate business, you need to be taking clear action steps to go get contact information for new leads. There are many choices! Is social media marketing the place to start? It can be if your strategy is to target smart lists. Your marketing strategy might encompass your sphere of influence (immediate acquaintances, past clients, etc.), community and real estate agents (if you’re marketing to agents). That makes up three “smart” lists to target your marketing strategies to. Clean up your lists before taking them to social media to create lookalike audiences or other lists.


You don’t have the same messaging for everyone if the context is a little different. You have a professional approach to real estate that makes you unique. You have to give away your best “What To Do” guidance to the people you’re targeting. “Here I am, I have a plan and I want to give it away to you.” Target your smart lists with something that empowers them.


Ask the question, “Is this the ideal medium upon which I can reach my ideal client or my avatar?” Your underlying message has to be about giving a plan away, but then you really have to consider the medium. Observe, for example, how you would use YouTube. If you want market properties there, is it easy to consume, is it interesting, does it work best on that medium? Messaging is different on Facebook, Instagram, iTunes and other platforms where you may be marketing. What about direct mail? Choose the medium wisely so you don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money.


If someone is on Instagram and wants to find out more about you, at least put a link in your bio! No matter what medium you choose for marketing to those smart lists, make it as easy as possible for the viewers or listeners to take the next step — whether that’s clicking a link, sending you an email, or picking up the phone and calling you.

Take action now!


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