The Realty Classroom Episode 47: Give Them What They Want!

The Realty Classroom Episode 47: Give Them What They Want!

“Focus on the creation of a simple funnel that give sellers and buyers what they want so that they trust you enough to listen to what they really need from you.”



We all tend to fall into a “taker’s mentality” and forget to ask what the buyers and sellers really want. It makes sense to be a self-preservationist in business, but we forget to give them (buyers and sellers) what they want to make our business more successful. “Give, give, give, ask.” The concept is to be a giver. It’s difficult to succeed in real estate if you don’t wake up thinking, “What can I give to others?” A mentality of scarcity is a dangerous place to live. It fuels anxiety until those negative feelings become your boss — you suddenly find that you work for them instead of for your buyers and sellers. Giving is the way out. Trust the concept of giving. Make giving your overall strategy.


What should you give them? Well, what do they actually want? The buyer or seller has a problem that they often can’t articulate. Your job is to be the guide, so that they can be the “hero” in their own story. Zillow puts out a mathematical “guesstimate” of what someone’s home is worth. Genius! That’s information given away, that sellers actually want. On the buyer’s side, they want pictures of properties for sale. Let that sink in. Give people MLS access, which you already have, to go above and beyond.


You’re not Goliath, but you can still compete with these major real estate companies by adding MLS access PLUS your individual insights. All of a sudden, when you have buyers and sellers in your portal, your insights are what will really start to build trust. You can give insightful information with that give, give, give attitude.


What’s really going on with this process? Your ability to follow this process — give, add insights, build trust, share your strategies — you are creating a competition-less vacuum. You are the realtor that builds trust and pushes the competition away. By giving, giving and more giving, you build a protected funnel where buyers and sellers won’t even want to think about talking to any of your competitors. Give, give and give some more!


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