The Realty Classroom Episode 55: The Big Marketing Mistake!

The Realty Classroom Episode 55: The Big Marketing Mistake!


“Marketing is not the latest shiny approach rather a strategic approach to define your ideal customer and match your message to their particular wants and needs.”



Think about this from the perspective of you as the consumer and not the real estate agent. If you are a prospect who is just browsing in any sales context, and you’re being bombarded by a salesman, there’s a good chance you’ll leave that store without making a purchase. If your whole marketing plan starts with aggressive pursuit, you’ll chase them away more often than not. When most people start to dip their toe in the water on real estate, they have a ton of information to consume about a large and emotional transaction; they don’t want you to pursue them at this point. Whenever you can avoid aggressively pursuing them — don’t do it!


Helpful pursuit and magnetic marketing work hand in hand. It’s a creative challenge. Can you market something at the right time and to the right person that magnetically attracts them (as opposed to repelling them)? This is where helpful pursuit comes into play. As an example, if a person sees your video on social media and signs up through an opt-in page, they’ve taken that step and said they want to know more. NOW the helpful pursuit is what helps move them from the prospect column to the lead or even client column.


Your marketing needs to match THE MARKET that you’re trying to reach. Are you talking about yourself a lot in your marketing efforts? (Please say “No.”) Instead, you should be sharing cocktail party-level knowledge about what the market is doing, because that’s what people need up front. What’s selling? Why is it selling? What are the real trends for comparable properties? You can deliver a very particular message about your very strategic help to a particular listing. That’s what they want and need – not a dissertation on who you are. That’s pursuing them in a helpful way.


Define your geographic area first: I’d like to find listings in this location. That allows you to next figure out how to get your message to those people and how to “tweak” it based on their context. Ultimately, you want to be giving them property information that will highlight your insight. Only then do you figure out the best way to get the information to them.

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