The Realty Classroom Episode 56: Are You Delivering The Right Message To The Right Market At The Right Time?

The Realty Classroom Episode 56: Are You Delivering The Right Message To The Right Market At The Right Time?

“Marketing is not the latest shiny approach rather a strategic approach to define your ideal customer and match your message to their particular wants and needs.”


If you’re going to figure out the ideal message for the ideal client, that’s great — but where IS your market? It often surprises me how undefined agents’ markets are when they come to me for marketing advice. You are making marketing decisions nebulously if you don’t know where your market is. My market today is in some very small, dense areas with plenty of real estate transactions happening. But when I started out, my market was all over the map! Defining your market gives you a sense of geography for your business.


Who is your ideal client? You may have the type of personality where you’re willing to work with anyone, but this is about marketing. You must know your ideal client so that you can market to them. Speak to that ideal person in your marketing, so that the whole crowd is getting the ideal of your message. I know it sounds simple, but have you ever really sat down and thought it out? It’s important to know the “who” so that you have a message that matches them.


How do you craft the message that matches your ideal client? Ask that simple question: What do they want? Forget about your own resume, credentials and dazzling abilities. What do THEY want? See them as the hero and position yourself, in your mind, as the guide. This is so much easier to use as a starting point.


The internet has forced all of us to give. For many years when the MLS was proprietary, people had to come to you as the gatekeeper of the information they wanted. Hint, hint: That’s what they want! Even if this makes you cringe, you must give something that they want away in order to magnetically attract them with your marketing. This is how you compete with “Big Tech” that promises to deliver everything to the consumer through an app. They need you and your individual insights. Everyone wants the help; they just don’t want to ask you, because they expect to be over-pursued.

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