The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 95: The Goal Is To Get Face To Face!

The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 95: The Goal Is To Get Face To Face!

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Getting in face to face situations with buyers and sellers is a much better way to run a real estate business, in my experience, than chasing whimsical digital leads. It’s critical! So, how do we think strategically in order to come up with the fastest way to get into face-to-face conversations? That’s the main focus of this episode, so buckle up.

Just 30 minutes before I recorded this, I was in a presentation with two sellers who were highly emotional in that situation. I explain how this situation became incredibly powerful and empowering, because I was ready to help them as much as I could through strategic planning I had done beforehand.

“No agent ‘owns’ an area, by the way. Go look up what percentage of a marketplace any top producer controls. It’s smaller than you think. A LOT smaller.” — Danny Griffin

Topics on This Episode of the Realty Classroom Podcast:

  • What’s The Fastest Path To The Goal!
  • Study First Act Second: Strategy First!
  •  It’s All About The Influencing The Decision Maker!
  •  Get Face To Face As Quickly As Possible!

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