The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 89: Recognizing The Seller’s & Buyer’s Number 1 Fear!

The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 89: Recognizing The Seller’s & Buyer’s Number 1 Fear!


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Recognizing the buyer’s and seller’s Number 1 Fear is critical to your success in the real estate business. What is that fear?

In my experience, that Number 1 Fear which has a global effect on the industry is their fear of being taken advantage of. This is a fear that is very basic to humans. It’s a primal fear that we developed a long time ago. Being taken advantage of back in the Stone Age meant you were probably going to get eaten!

Let’s personalize that idea for the modern age: Have YOU ever been taken advantage of? Even if you’re super-smart, you know this has happened to you and you know how you felt. In addition to the negative emotions, you probably want to get up and fight anytime you suspect that you’re in that sitation again.

So, when you have a buyer or seller who gets triggered, it becomes “fight time” for them. More passive buyers and sellers won’t fight — they’ll simply “go dark” on you. Buyers and sellers get emotional, accuse us of taking advantage of them, and then we start getting emotional… Logic simply goes out the window at that point.

In this episode, I’ll unpack that Number 1 Fear of buyers and sellers, plus go over ways to overcome it.

“One of the greatest fears that home sellers and home buyers have is being taken advantage of. The key is to recognize that as your core challenge that might be overcome by keeping yourself grounded in demonstrating a systematic and logical approach that calms their (and your) emotions and gets them to where they want to be.”

Topics on This Episode of the Realty Classroom Podcast:

  • Being Take Advantage Of & It’s Global Affect!
  • Recognizing How Each Consumer Demonstrates It!
  • Sticking To The Safety Of A Systematic Remedy!
  • Not Losing Yourself To The Emotional Crescendo!

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