The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 88 – Social Media Madness – How To Make It Simpler!

The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 88 – Social Media Madness – How To Make It Simpler!

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I talk to a lot of real estate agents who would love to be on social media, but they don’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming. A lot really active agents on social media have thousands of followers, but you might even not know where to start when it comes to content. Let’s chunk it up and make it simpler in this episode of the Realty Classroom Podcast! Just as I did last week’s episode on simplifying the real estate business, let’s do it again with social media.

Understand that social media is a medium, upon which messages are placed. Here’s Step One of simplifying social media: “Google” your own name. What do you find? Probably not much if you’re brand new to this! You’ll probably find a bunch of other people with your name, and not much related to yourself. If your name or your business’ name is not online, wouldn’t that be a great place to start?

Next, I go through a checklist of the major profiles that I recommend my coaching clients to have: Facebook, Instagram (perfect for realtors!), LinkedIn and YouTube. Once you have those established, it’s time to start on your social media content — which leads right into a discussion of “How to Do a Simple Market Update.”

The key, as always, is to chunk the subject up and keep it simple, simple, simple!

“When it comes to social media marketing It’s best to realize that people will primarily use social media to investigate who you are so be prepared with the basics so that they come to a conclusion that you are organized, professional and in-the-game!”

Topics on This Episode of the Realty Classroom Podcast:

  • Google Your Business & Name – What Do You Find?
  • Check Your Major Profiles: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn &Youtube
  • Create Your Basic Content: Market Update
  • Create Your Tip Series
  • Add Your Just Listed & Just Sold
  • Be Consistent


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