The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 78: Why You Should Sweat the Details

The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 78: Why You Should Sweat the Details

“Sweating the details of how your business runs is the correct mindset to becoming a true and efficient manager, however, if you start with the big chunks first you can build a foundation upon which you can more easily dive into the details that matter and not those that waste your time!”


I believe that a lot of small businesses, including real estate businesses, fail because they do not sweat the details. The small stuff makes up the big stuff, which is why it’s so important to pay attention to the details. If you’ve been to and seen my infographic, that is the process by which I make Michael Gerber’s concept of Entrepreneur-Manager-Sales/Technician simpler through a process I call “chunking it up.” Know from the outset that there is a ton of “small stuff” in this business — and we’ll get there.


We’ll get to the detail, such as “How do I hold an open house?” But first, we have to chunk up the big stuff. Put on your Manager hat and stay with me. Imagine being up in an elevated glass room and looking down to where you can see your business in sections. Looking down at the business this way (as The Manager), you can begin to plan on how to manufacture relationships that lead to these sales. Marketing is a really big “rock,” for example. Withing that big rock, there are smaller “rocks” such as defining the market, clarifying your marketing message to make it concise and deciding on the medium to deliver the message. You’re already getting into details when you chunk the big Marketing Rock up. Next rock: Conversion. Within your conversion rock, you have leads that you want to turn into prospects and clients — those are the smaller rocks. Then you have the Closing rock and the Past Clients rock. Sweat the details to break those big rocks into smaller rocks.


Within those bigger chunks, we see the pathway start to reveal itself. Relying on what you’ve done with the big chunks will make it simpler to figure out the best way to address the smaller rocks. For example, when you listen to leads and let them tell you what they want — guidance — give them guidance. People raved about this when we started doing what they wanted. We allowed that pathway to sort of pave itself and the results were profound.


When you’ve done the detail work and the pathways paves itself, CAPTURE IT. Memorialize it. When the consumer tells us what they want, we should squeeze that and own it, instead of telling ourselves nonsense about what we think they want. Move them onto that path and refine it, so we can serve them even better. Give them what they really want. Beat on those details until you really know what the consumer REALLY wants and continue to give it to them!

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