The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 92: You Must Develop These Top Skills!

The Realty Classroom Podcast Episode 92: You Must Develop These Top Skills!

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In this episode, I talk about the skills that you need to develop that fit directly into the strategies that I’ve been sharing with you in previous shows. In the last episode, I talked about Marketing and Conversion strategies.

Here I share with real estate agents the skills that they must develop to effectively carry out those strategies.

For example, copywriting is one of the skills I recommend to improve your marketing. A copywriter spends their life thinking about their audience. Who is your ideal client? Once they figure that out, they craft the message of how they can help that person. Spoiler alert: When you think like a copywriter, you realize that the message is not about YOU!

So, join me for some great discussion on the skills you need to be a better and more strategic real estate agent.

“There are some skills that I’m just surprised agents aren’t curious to learn more about.” – Danny Griffin

Topics on This Episode of the Realty Classroom Podcast:

  • You must become a Pricing-It-Right Expert
  • You must become a Market Maker
  • You must become a Real Estate Psychologist
  • Plus: How to be calm in those moments when a client freaks out!

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