Need someone who practices what he teaches?
I share what’s actually working in the Digital Age.

I’m passionate about digging in and learning how the real estate business really works in the field, then “chunking it up” to simplify actionable strategies that any agent or agency can benefit from. I love the challenge of proving that anybody can overcome their obstacles and thrive!

I realize that’s it’s difficult to differentiate amongst all the choices, so I’ve made this page so you can catch a glimpse of my style. If you think we’re a good match we’ll make it happen even on short notice!


Here’s A Quick Look-In

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Keynotes & Custom Workshops

The work of The Realty Classroom is rooted in the practical application of proven strategies that are founded on the core principals of Marketing & Follow-Up systems.

The greatest success of our Mastermind members has been achieved by a deep dive into these core topics and has revealed a simple to understand wireframe that may be shared with any level audience.

KEYNOTE TOPIC #1 How to build a Digital Agent real estate agent marketing plan

This is the most sought after keynote topic as agents try to navigate the choices of where to begin to implement a marketing plan and how not to go broke along the way. This how-to talk will help them clearly see how to properly begin with a narrow marketplace niche, a clear avatar or ideal client and a compelling message to magnetically attract the avatar and ultimately leverage the many media choice to include the massive social media overwhelm.

KEYNOTE TOPIC #2 How to build a World Class Follow-Up system

Although Marketing is often the most popular topic, building an effective Follow-Up system is certainly the most important. Once a real estate agents learns that lead generation is possible, it’s easy to be lured into the false perception that a large quantity of leads will emerge a predictable business. It’s common to see agents become “lead squirrels” and never endeavoring to bring all contacts to a conclusion. This talk will set a new standard for efficiency that yields more closings and creates more raving fans through impeccable customer service rooted in follow-up.

KEYNOTE TOPIC #3 How to create a Magnetic Mindset

Over the many years as a real estate agent, broker and particularly through my experience as a coach, I’ve come to realize that, even when armed with effective plans and strategies, agents still underperform. The main challenge is that most don’t recognize that real estate agency is a complicated business opportunity that requires the fortitude of a true entrepreneur. When the business environment shifts and life gets in the way it’s easy to fall backwards and even quit. This talk will outline and develop a very clear set on “mindset tools” that have been used by our private clients to stay on track and persevere.