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What Am I Getting With This Special Deal?

The Realty Classroom Letter

This is a monthly, printed, newsletter that we’ll deliver directly to your door each month. You’ll receive actionable tips, strategies, and insights from real estate coach Danny Griffin! You don’t need to spend hours learning the latest strategies. Instead, turn to any page and you’ll get a quick idea of a new strategy to test. We only package up the best-of-the-best… no fluff or filler.

The Digital Episode Companions

Every note we’ve taken from all of our podcast episodes is available for Newsletter Members. We’ve taken notes for all of our podcasts with the exact same actionable-framework used to record them in a mini-plan-format and turned them all into 5-minute reads. As a Newsletter Member you will have online access to download any and all of our episodes!

And We’re Adding More All Of The Time

We’re logging in and updating this offer multiple times per month because we’re constantly stacking more value into what our Newsletter Members receive. This isn’t fluff. This isn’t slapped together junk. These is real life training based on real world value from the coaching that we do with our top producers in our private Elite Mastermind Coaching program.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed either. This isn’t designed to dump a ton of stuff on you. We “chunk up” and simplify our best stuff! This is designed to give you a library of what you need in actionable bite sized pieces…

This is your tactical library that’s always here when you need it.