5 Steps To Building A Real Estate Agent Business | #AskTRC Episode 1

5 Steps To Building A Real Estate Agent Business | #AskTRC Episode 1

#KeyPoint : Follow this process to close more sales and build a predictable business! Summary below!

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1. Real Estate Agency Is Not A Job!
2. You Need A Vision For A Business That Works!
3. You Must Become 3 People!
4. Set Realistic Financial Targets!
5. You’re Either Expanding Or Contracting!

Are you in the real estate business but, you still have a lot of questions about the process and can’t seem to find an easy way to find the answers, well then you’re in the right place!

Danny Griffin is the founder of both The Griffin Realty Group (TheGriffin.co), a residential real estate brokerage serving home buyers and sellers in Boston & Cape Cod Massachusetts and The Realty Classroom (TheRealtyClassroom.com), a company specializing in the coaching and training of real estate agents.

He learned as the ultimate business apprentice with stops in the investment banking, venture capital and family retail wine businesses before starting his real estate career.

Danny’s goal is to help people overcome their obstacles to get more of what they want out of life.

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