What is The Realty Classroom?

The Realty Classroom is a place for Entrepreneurial Real Estate Agents organized by me, Danny Griffin, to teach you the proven strategies for growing a residential real estate business in spite of the challenges of the Digital Age, the Economy or whatever other seismic shift waiting for us around the corner.

My goal is to help you understand that a predictable residential real estate business is not only possible, it’s necessary to survive. You can learn how to build the right type of business by Getting Started Here (Link to separate page with opt in to Free Course)

Who Is Danny Griffin?

I’m a regular guy who had a strange path to arrive at this place with apprenticeships in investment banking, venture capital with hopes of going back to Harvard Business school until one day it wasn’t important to me anymore.

It may sound simple now, but back then, it was a major personal crisis; to give up a pathway to success to pursue unchartered waters. By the way, there was no way to easily connect with other people feeling the same way…yes I’m that old.

After I walked out the corporate front door, I went back into my family’s retail wine and spirits business and opened a few store of my own until a strange twist of fate pushed me into the real estate business.

After starting on the investment side of residential real estate and commercial development, I decided there was more self-fulfillment in helping people through the process of buying and selling their own property.

Who Coached You?

When my first broker asked me what my business plan was, I told him, “You give me a stack of business cards, a desk and a lamp and I’ll bring the helmet and the work ethic.” Sounds funny today, and yes it worked, but it was a grind that was costing me my life.

So I went looking for somebody who had it figured out a better way. My mentor was the #1 ReMax agent worldwide, and, within a few years, his systematic approach helped me ascend to #7 for Realty Executives internationally.

The Entrepreneur within compelled me to move on from Realty Executives and found Danny Griffin Real Estate, now known as the Griffin Realty Group.

Inspired by my mentor’s practice first, teach second approach, I became the head coach of his Mastery Coaching program, where I helped agents focus on building a strategic business plan that serves as the foundation for a predictable real estate agency business.

What Changed?

When the Digital Age and the Recession combined to force residential real estate in new directions, I responded by founding The Realty Classroom, a place where I could freely pursue creative solutions to new challenges.

Along the way, I found the time, along with my brother, to feature one of our strategies through an 8-episode reality TV Show, “60 Seconds to Sell,” featured on A&E.

Do You Still Practice Real Estate?

There are many agents who wonder, “Why do you coach if you’re doing well in your real estate business?” I’m not sure what inspires other people, but as an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to expand my life’s work.

For me, being actively involved with buyers, sellers and agents and managing a real estate brokerage that serves as the model and proving ground for my teaching, makes sense.

It’s critical to always be learning by doing, discovering and evolving and giving back by sharing those insights.

Simply put, I do, I learn, I share.

Why Do You Do This Work?

Ultimately, the main reason for The Realty Classroom and its work, is because I needed a place to feel fulfilled by serving people, living authentically as a person for others; my reason for being.

I hope my work here inspires you to serve people better and find your own fulfillment.

Thank you for being here; you can learn more by going Here! (link to list opt in)

What’s The Bonus Section?

Along the way, I’ve experienced many challenges and setbacks that pounded on my psychology. I learned to be a study of the “head stuff” by reading, listening and teaching anything that I found to help me overcome.

I’m sure you’ll see those influences in the work of The Realty Classroom. It’s easy to share all of the technical insights that I learn, however, it’s a much bigger challenge to recognize that we are our own greatest obstacle.

For me, I find solace in the fact that I am The Batman.

However, there are many other superheroes I’ve met along the way.

I like to call them, “Unicorns,” and you’ll find them inside the deepest dive programs we offer.


Stop panicking, stop worrying and take action.

Join our community of like-minded real estate agents who working hard to discover a better way!